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What We Do

We do match candidates with employers and projects, but not like a recruitment company!

Firstly, we specialise in design, writing, graphics and development – so you won’t find any jobs for sales or secretaries here.

Secondly, our main business is to deliver projects, using our own staff and offices, for our clients.

We have built up, and continue to build up, a database of specialist staff in the areas of technical publications and web development. Orchid People uses this explanding database (for those candidates that wish to) to match skilled candidates with projects, both on site and in house.

We are equally likely to call upon this database for use on a project in our own offices as we are to put a contractor on site.

It just works…

  • Candidates that register with us know that they will be matched with suitable jobs.
  • Employers that come to us know they will be supplied with the details of¬†relevant and experienced¬†candidates.